An Omnibus of Shen Ts'ung-wen’s Works

Shandong Qilu Press Co.,Ltd._An Omnibus of Shen Ts'ung-wen’s Works

Author:Shen Ts'ung-wen


Published Date:2017.04


Book Info

Book Title (书名):沈从文精选集

                  An Omnibus of Shen Ts'ung-wen’s Works

Author   (作者名):Shen Ts'ung-wen(沈从文著) Wang Ren(王任 主编)                  

Publisher(出版社):Qilu Press(齐鲁书社) 齐鲁书社

Publishing Date(出版时间):2017.04



Pages(页码): 268


Content in Brief(内容简介):


This book is one of the “Collection of Selected Works by Literary Masters of the Republic of China” which pays attention to the selection of the editions and editing and proofreading so as to relive the humanistic sensibilities of that time. This book selects some of the most famous works by Shen Ts'ung-wen covering many genres such as novel, essay and letter. Well illustrated with precious pictures, it presents a good opportunity to fully appreciate the master’s charisma.

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