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A Brief Introduction of Qilu Press

Founded in the spring of 1979, Qilu Press (short for Shandong Qilu Press Co. Ltd.) is one of the earliest specialized presses majoring in ancient classics and academic works since the adoption of the reform and opening-up policy.

It is well-structured with academic publications center, popular publications center, educational publications center, the marketing and sales department, the key project office, the department of educational books promotion, review and quality control office, the office of the editorial department, the designing and publishing center, the administration office, the finance office. Among its committed staff, there are 18 persons holding a title of senior editor.For more than 30 years since its establishment, the press has based itself on regional cultural resources and meanwhile has cast its scope to the nationwide. It has dedicated itself to the propagation of cultural excellence and promotion of academic achievements, making great contributions to the accumulation and enrichment of Chinese civilization by producing a large number of excellent collated classics, academic books and popular books of traditional culture, thus blazing a solid way of “keeping unique features, publishing high quality books and building outstanding brand”. The press enjoys great reputation and is praised as “works prospering in Qilu and merits recorded in the academic world”.

The press has published a good many books that have received hundreds of awards, among which General Principles of Collation won the 4th National BookAward; Chinese Fine Arts History received the 8th National Five Top Project Award and was also nominated for the 5th National Book Award; History of Chinese Aesthetic Thinking and The Complete Collection of Qu of Ming Dynasty won the 4th and the 9th National Book Award respectively;The Inscriptions on Potteries was nominated for the 1st Chinese Government Award; The Complete Works of Wang Shizhen was nominated for the 2nd Chinese Government Award and also the 2nd Chinese Best Publications Award; A Study of Chinese Guanhua Dialects won the 3rd Chinese Government Award nomination and the 4th Chinese Best Publications Award nomination;A Complete Collection of Prefaces and Postscripts of Song Dynasty was nominated for the 6th Chinese Best Publications Award.All those honors have built up a good brand image for Qilu Press and it is acclaimed as “learned with refined grace, prolific with great achievements” by scholars and experts.


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