Shandong Qilu Book Publishing Co., Ltd. held "maritime ceramic road" project signing ceremony successfully

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With the approval of the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio and Television, the 11th Cross-Strait Book Fair, which was held under the theme of "The Cross-strait Affection", was held in Xiamen from September 12th to14th. Shandong Province, as the host province of the current fair, carried out the organization of more than 40 publishing units within the province including more than 200 exhibitors, fully demonstrating the published boutique books in Shandong province in recent years. It also held some activities of writers signing, lectures, new book conference and other 20 series of activities, standing out as a special landscape of the fair. Qilu press, as the only ancient books and professional academic publishing house of literature and history within Shandong province, organized hundreds of kinds of excellent books exhibitions, was praised by the leaders and guests , as well as appreciated by the readers. As one of the main activities of the host province, Qilu press's "maritime ceramic road" project signing ceremony , "B&R" and Chinese ceramics trade seminar were held successfully in Xiamen.


On September 12th, the cross-strait book fair was held in the main hotel of Shandong Province. After the opening ceremony, the leader and guests visited the main hotel of Shandong Province and appreciated the book of the Qilu press. " Qilu press has published some outstanding books in the field of ancient books and traditional culture publishing," said Wu Shangzhi, Deputy Director  and Ji Xiangqi, Vice Mayor of Shandong Province , and they also gave out some guidance on the modern characters' biography series of Qilu press.


On September 12th, the signing ceremony of the publication of "Maritime Ceramics Road " was successfully held at the Art Museum in Xiamen Culture and Art Center. Zan Liang, Qilu press's director and editor-in-chief and Fang Li Li, the researcher in the Institute of artistic anthropology of Chinese Academy of Arts , respectively, signed on the "Maritime ceramic road" contract. Executive vice chairman of the China Publishing Association, Wu Shulin, vice governor of Shandong Province, Ji Xiangqi, the director of the press and publication bureau, An Min, Party Secretary, Chairman of Shandong Publishing Group, Zhang Zhihua and other leaders witnessed the signing ceremony.


On September 13th, the "B & R" and Chinese maritime ceramics trade themed lectures were  held successfully in Library lecture hall of Xiamen City. Prof. Fang Li Li, director of the Institute of Art Anthropology of the Chinese Academy of Arts, gave a lecture on the " Maritime Ceramic Trade and Cultural Exchange on the Silk Road". He also cast some light on strategic value of rich historical connotation and economic, culture, art and other aspects, and focused on the "Ceramic trade and cultural exchanges on the Silk Road", the history of "Maritime Ceramic Road," the ceramic species, and the artistic contribution of ceramic species on Chinese cultural development and dissemination.


Yang Shuguo, deputy director of Shandong Province Press and Publication Bureau of Radio and Television, Hu Peng, general Manager of Shandong Publishing Media Co., Ltd. and Chen Gang, executive vice president of Shandong Publishing Media Co., Ltd. attended the lecture and activities.


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