Qilu Press has gained fruitful achievements on the 27th National Book Fair

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The 27th National Book Fair, jointly organized by the state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television and the Hebei Provincial Government, was held in Langfang from May 31st to June 3rd. We set up two booths of quality books and latest books, which reached 100 kinds of varieties, covering the ancient books, social science, literature, art, science, education, children, life and other fields. Together, they showed the outstanding fruits of our press in areas such as traditional culture, collation of ancient books, academic education, traditional culture popularization readings, among which collation of ancient books fully exhibited the achievements and quality of our brand construction efforts.

On May 31, we invited the famous caricaturist Mr. You Xia who comes from Taiwan to sit with us and talked about “Zen over a Cup of Coffee”. During the salon, Mr. You Xia explained the Zen in our everyday life with wit and humor, talked about some life problems with the audience and shared his thoughts on how to live a simple and easy life. The book, Understand Zen, Understand Worries, represented by our company, is Mr. You Xia’s new work. In a tone of Zen, he interpreted the wisdom in our life under more than a hundred themes. The style of his drawings is simple and humorous. They look similar at the first sight but are actually rather different with a loser look, which reveals the intriguing Zen wisdom behind.

The salon was warmly welcome by the audience and the following book signing also received hot and active participation. Mr. You Xia brought a cup of refreshing “Zen Wisdom” to the present audience with his unique lecture, which became the highlight of the fair.

 The 27th Langfang National Book Fair successfully ended. And the books on exhibition which come from all over the country and all kinds of brilliant theme activities made the concept of nationwide reading take roots in people’s mind. As a publishing house which mainly covers collation of ancient books and represent academic works, we are committed to the promotion of excellent Chinese traditional culture and the implementation of “On the Views about Implementation of the Outstanding Traditional Chinese Culture”. We will strive to publish a series of classic books of high quality which is accessible to the readers and also accounts for a sizable share in the market.

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