Affection was reflected on both sides while Qilu press stood out on publishing excellent books.

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All things were verdant in the August of Taipei, and the World Trade Center was absorbed in an atmosphere of showing out the graceful bearing of Shandong province. Shandong Province, as the host province of the cross-strait book fair, has attracted the attention of the whole industry.

Both Chi Yun, editor-in-chief of Shandong Publishing Group and Ding Li, director of the publishing business in Shandong Publishing Media Co., Ltd. gave directive guidance on the exhibition work efforts of Qilu press. Sun Xinglin, the vice president of press and publication association of Shandong Province and deputy director of press and publication of radio and television bureau of Shandong Province; Liu Ziwen, the director of publishing management branch of press and publication of radio and television of Shandong Province; Wu Yongliang, the deputy director of publishing management branch of press and publication of radio and television bureau of Shandong province; and Peng Zhengxiong, the vice chairman of the publishing association of Taiwan, came to the booth of Qilu press and affirmed the achievements made in excavating and carrying forward the outstanding traditional culture of China.

As the only professional publishing house on ancient books collation and traditional culture book's publication in Shandong Province, Qilu press carefully prepared nearly 70 kinds of books as exhibitors. These books include the national publishing fund project "preface and postscript collection of Song dynasty" and "Confucian geography research of Qing dynasty", but also covers "ancient Chinese martial arts compilation (the first volume)" and "Historical records on Japan ancient notes " to show the representative of capital projects on editing and publishing of ancient books  and the large-scale characteristics of ancient books finishing project, such as "scripture collection of Qing dynasty", as well as including the Qilu press typical plate to show cultural characteristics of the "Qilu culture classic library" "Mengfu archives" and so on. "Collection scholars of books" series, Taoist research series, Buddhist class books, and easy-understood school books were the highlight of this exhibition. In addition, the Qilu press also selected some books as the representative of the traditional culture popular series, such as a "A word zen" " style of Spring and Autumn period" and " academic champion of Ming dynasty ". Cross-strait publishing industry jointly held that the Qilu press not only based on the excavation of China's outstanding traditional culture, but also focused on putting them in a universal and popular way so as to make it widely accepted. In the traditional cultural publishing and exchange prospect, Qilu press and Taiwan publishing industry shared a broad consensus, a good basis for cooperation and broad prospects for cooperation.

In this exhibition, Qilu press and Taiwan mushiwenfang Book Co., Ltd. successfully signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Mr. Du Baorui, professor of Philosophy Department of Taiwan University, Mr. Cai Lintang, professor of Taiwan Danjiang university,  and Mr. Yi Wei, the author  of "A word Zen" launched a brilliant but vivid interview with rich academic content. Mr Yi has reviewed the idea of creation while Mr. Cai has reviewed the characteristics and values of the book through concise and wise interspersed questions. Professor Du Baorui, from the perspective of ancient Chinese philosophy, has elucidated the essence of Buddhism and affirmed the book's unique value. These three cross-strait experts and scholars also probed into the cross-strait Buddhist books publishing on which they exchanged views. The wonderful event sparked applause from the audience and received widespread attention. Shandong TV, Qilu and other media carried out in-depth follow-up reports on related activities.

At the exhibition, Qilu press launched in-depth friendly exchange with Taiwan mushiwenfang book Co., Ltd., wen shizhe publishing house, Guangda (Wen Jing Ge), the earth publishing house, and Huapinwenchuagn publishing Co., Ltd. on traditional culture publishing between cross-strait sides, reaching five copyright trading intentions.

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