Textual History of “The Golden Lotus”

Shandong Qilu Press Co.,Ltd._Textual History of “The Golden Lotus”

Author:Wang Rumei


Published Date:2015.10


Book Info

Book Title (书名):《金瓶梅》版本史

Textual History of “The Golden Lotus”

Author    (作者名):Wang Rumei(王汝梅)

Publisher(出版社):Qilu Press(齐鲁书社)

Publishing Date(出版时间):2015.10



Pages(页码):  266

Format(成品尺寸): 16

Content in Brief(内容简介):


Based on the existing literature of The Golden Lotus and supplemented by a large number of illustrations, the book compares and contrasts different versions by eliminating the false and retaining the true in order to fully and faithfully reflect the original features of the versions in the Ming and Qing dynasties, which at the same time expounds the development of the novel as well as other ancient Chinese novels.

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