Powerful Calligraphy and Light Tea

Shandong Qilu Press Co.,Ltd._Powerful Calligraphy and Light Tea

Author:Ren Pingsheng


Published Date:2013.08


Book Info

Book Title (书名):浓墨淡茶  

Powerful Calligraphy and Light Tea   

Author    (作者名): Ren Pingsheng (任平生 著)  Zhao Lixin (赵立新 书)

Publisher(出版社):Qilu Press(齐鲁书社)

Publishing Date(出版时间):2013.08



Pages(页码):  166

Format(成品尺寸): 32

Content in Brief(内容简介):


    It is a four-color printing graphic book with 32 short essays of tea culture and 42 pictures of related calligraphy and painting works. In order to be better presented, the book selects a number of pictures of exquisite tea sets, beautiful landscapes and still-life photos as embellishment.

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